Cheryl Denyer: Who is Grant Denyer’s Wife?

All about Chezzi!

When talking about Cheryl Denyer, Grant Denyer’s wife, it’s tempting to roll out the old phrase “behind every great man is a great woman”. True, Grant is pretty, well, great, but the thing that strikes me about their marriage is the true sense of equity and partnership.

Cheryl, or as she prefers Chezzi, (pron. Shezzi), is one hell of a ‘doer’. She’s a strong independent woman, successful in her own right. She and Grant are each other’s greatest supporters in a way that goes far beyond commercial gain.

Together they’ve ridden through the highest of highs and kept on punching through the lowest of lows. Any couple knows when you come out the other side of ‘the good the bad and the ugly’, your gratitude, love and respect for your partner goes through the roof.

In February this year, Chezzi and Grant celebrated 8 years of marriage. Here is just a snippet of what they had to say on social media:

Chezzi on Grant:

“8 years ago today, we both said I do. I never could have imagined that life or love could be this good. ‘I love you more and more every single day.Two beautiful, gorgeous little girls, that look and act like parts of both of us perfectly blended. A dream come true!”

Grant on Chezzi:

“It’s been an amazing 8 years, a lot of magical moments and yes, a couple of hard times along the way that I couldn’t have survived without your love & joy for life.And what a little family we’ve got! Two of the most spectacular kids anyone could dream of. Choc-a-block full of as much spunk, compassion, tenderness & humour as their gorgeous Mum.”

Now Grant, let me take the wheel for a moment to tell the world some cool things about your Chezzi they may not already know.

Cheryl Denyer, age 39 …


Cheryl Denyer was a political staffer…

Straight out of Uni, Chezzi worked under then NSW State Opposition Leader, Kerry Chikarovski.

Cheryl Denyer is a gun TV producer…

Starting out on regional network Prime TV, Chezzi quickly moved on to the 7News desk eventually making her way to the top job as the Producer for top rating breakfast TV show Sunrise. Right now she has her own ‘online mothers group’ channel on YouTube Mummy Time TV

Cheryl Denyer is a blogger…

Chezzi writes an entertaining blog The Chezzie Diaries which she describes as ‘a mishmash of a hectic, calamity style life of motherhood, country with a dash of city living and a husband who is on television six nights per week’.

Cheryl Denyer is an absolute grafter…

Chezzi has worked in industries as diverse as retail, radio promotions, voice over work, automotive and hospitality.

Cheryl Denyer is clever too…

Chezzi has a degree in Communications –Broadcast Journalism and Theatre Media.

Cheryl Denyer moved to Bathurst in 2014…

The couple live on 27 acres just outside Bathurst NSW and only just got the internet! They are heavily involved with Rural Aid and Grant just released a cover of Chris Rhea’s Driving Home for Christmas with all proceeds going to farmers.

Cheryl Denyer met Grant at work…

And they were not exactly chummy colleagues to begin with. They produced the Sunrise Weather segment together -she had her own ideas about what Grant should say and do. He, by his own admission was a ‘smart Alec’ who wouldn’t be told. It was only when their hands accidentally brushed that sparks flew. Grant and Chezzi went on to marry in 2010 holding their wedding on tranquil Hamilton Island.

Cheryl Denyer stood by Grant when the going got tough…

In 2008 Grant rolled a monster truck in a stunt and ended up with a broken back. Along with severe pain and other complications, he became dependant on prescription drugs and subsequently suffered depression.

After winning the Gold Logie in 2017, Grant thanked Chezzie for pulling him through “To my beautiful wife, Chezzi. Oh my God, we did it, darlin’. We did it! We b****y did it. We are an incredible team and I want you to share in this”.

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Cheryl Denyer is a devoted mother

The couple have two children, Sailor 7 and Scout 2 who may have to ‘share the love’ in the not too distant future. Grant hinted there may be another baby on the way some time soon. He told 2Day FM in August “Look we’re not trying right now but I don’t know if we’ve completely closed the door exactly”.

With their two beautiful girls, Chezzi and Grant have made a solid, loving family life they can both be proud of.


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