Casey Donovan is happier than ever

The singer is ready to turn over a new leaf.
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It appears former Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan has put her tough few years behind her, as the singer was spotted at Sydney airport last week smiling from ear to ear.

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Casey was spotted being dropped off by her friend, Danielle Vos, and the pair shared a hug and kiss goodbye outside the airport.

Casey Donovan
Casey says goodbye to her friend.

According to Danielle’s Instagram, the pair worked together on SBS’s show Who Do You Think You Are?

Captioning a picture of them together, Danielle wrote: “Casey is one of the most genuine, down to earth and generous people I’ve ever worked with.

“Many laughs were had along the way, as we car karaoke’d our way between locations.”

Casey Donovan
The pair worked together on SBS’s show Who Do You Think You Are?

The friendship would be just what Casey needed.

She previously revealed that her best friend Olga was actually the real person behind ‘Campbell’ – the man Casey believed she was in a relationship with for six years, only to later find out she had been catfished.

Casey Donovan
Casey wowed on Ladies Night earlier this year.

“I think I have forgiven her there’s some anger there definitely but I had to let it go to move forwards,” she previously told Andrew Denton’s Interview.

While appearing on Hughesy, We Have a Problem earlier this year, the singer and theatre star revealed that she has never had a boyfriend.

Casey Donovan
Casey won Australian Idol in 2004

“I’m almost 30 and I’ve never had a boyfriend,” she told host David Hughes, adding she just wants someone “that’s not a f–kin’ tool”.

But while Casey has had a difficult few years, the star appears to be moving forward with the support of friends and family and has recently found success again in her role as Matron ‘Mama’ Morton in the Sydney production of the musical Chicago.

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