Cameron Daddo’s secret horror

“I was absolutely terrified”
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Home and Away star Cameron Daddo, 55, may be a well-seasoned entertainer after three decades in the industry, but that wasn’t always the case.

WATCH: Cameron Daddo reveals how he almost messed up his big break

Talking about “first times” on his podcast Separate Bathrooms – and Other Handy Marriage Tips with wife Alison Brahe, 50, the actor revealed he almost blew his career before it began.

“My first time speaking on TV I was so nervous,” Cameron admitted.

Cameron Daddo Hugh Jackman
Cameron Daddo (pictured left, with Hugh Jackman) admitted that his stutter once almost ruined his chances of stardom. (Credit: Getty)

Explaining that he had a speech impediment in his younger years, the former Perfect Match host revealed how things went awry went he auditioned for a Channel Ten show called Star Search in 1985.

“I had a pretty severe stutter as a kid growing up,” he said. “I’ve never spoken on TV and I wanted to show the people that laughed at me when I was a kid that I can now speak.”

While he managed to get through the modelling section of the show unscathed, things came unstuck when he had to do his piece-to-camera and needed to read from the auto-cue.

“I think I got the record in that show for 23 takes. I stuttered and stammered, I think I almost peed my pants, my shirt was soaked,” Cameron said.

Cameron Daddo Alison Brahe
Cameron with his wife Alison in 1994. (Credit: Getty)

However, despite a shaky start, Cameron went on to bigger and better things, becoming a huge Aussie star in the late 80s and 90s before relocating to Hollywood soon after.

Since returning to Australia in 2017 with his family, Cameron has managed to nab a role in Summer Bay.

Cameron Daddo Lukas Radovich
Cameron now stars as Owen Slater on Home and Away (pictured with co-star Lukas Radovich) (Credit: Instagram)

His original character Evan Slater was killed off after a guest stint, but the soap brought him back as Evan’s secret twin, Owen Slater.

“The response has been overwhelmingly kind. I think that before this, people thought, ‘That’s Cameron Daddo done for Home and Away!’ So this was happily a nice surprise for a lot of the fans,” Cameron previously told New Idea.

“Working on Home and Away has been a joy for me.”

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