Brynne Edelsten Bachelorette shock

Move over, Angie!
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American socialite Brynne Gordon – who is most famous for marrying millionaire Geoffrey Edelsten – may be recently single, but she is already on the hunt for a new man. 

WATCH: Brynne Gordon on split from millionaire Geoffrey Edelsten

Brynne first caught the publics attention when she married Australian medical entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten, with their 41 year age gap and $3.3 million wedding at Melbourne’s Crown Casino raising eyebrows among many. 

Brynne Gordon and Geoffrey Edelsten pose for a photograph as they cut their wedding cake. (Credit: Getty)

However, in her latest interview with Stellar magazine, Brynne insists that she married a man nearly twice her age ‘for love’. 

“Money is nice. Nobody is going to turn money down. But it was never about that. Believe it or not, Geoff can be very, very nice.” 

Despite her alleged love for the Melbourne-based businessman, Brynne shared that she ‘cried the whole way’ through her ceremony.

Brynne and Geoffrey walking down the aisle. (Credit: Getty)

“I cried the whole way. Mum said, ‘Brynne, if you don’t want to, we can run away right now.’ But, of course, I didn’t want to run away. I wanted to marry him.”

After just six years of marriage the controversial couple divorced, with Brynne slamming her ex in the media, dubbing him “publicity-obsessed”. 

Geoffrey Edelsten and Brynne Edelsten arrive ahead of the 2013 Brownlow Medal awards night. (Credit: Getty)

“It was a very lonely marriage because he worked very hard,” Brynne told Stellar.

In a shock twist, Brynne revealed that should Channel Ten desire, she would be available for The Bachelorette

“I’d like to be The Bachelorette. I could do that … Line them up!” she said.

Brynne wants to be the new Bachelorette! (Credit: Getty)

After breaking off her engagement to Brett Hunter in 2017, Brynne went on to date Leno Cachia, but that didn’t last either. 

Someone tell Channel Ten Brynne’s available, stat! 

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