Bachelorette star Brooke Blurton reveals exciting new career path

And it comes just in time for NAIDOC Week.
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Ahead of NAIDOC week, Bachelorette icon Brooke Blurton has officially announced the arrival of her brand new podcast series, Not So PG.

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After teasing fans of a new project in the works, the former Bachelorette star revealed the exciting news on social media on Sunday, writing, “WE SAID SOMETHING WAS COOKING BUT IT’S NOT A BABY IN THE OVEN 😛😛😛 even though @itsmattymills and I would make very cute babies! 😉

“WE’VE STARTED A PODCAST with @novapodcastsofficial ❣️ something that has been in the making for a little bit longer than a bun in the oven. 💗🧡💛…NOTHING IS OFF-TOPIC OR NOT PG WITH US. We’ll bare it all and we’ll have no shame about it! We’re so excited to bring you NOT SO PG with Matty and B 🧡”.

Not So PG launches Tuesday 5 July. (Credit: Supplied)

Launching on Tuesday July 5th, Not So PG will see Brooke and Matty deliver an unfiltered account of their experiences as part of the First Nations and LGBTIQ+ community in mainstream media.

They will talk about their fast-paced lives, love, relationships and all the juicy gossip you could want in a podcast.

As both Brooke and Matty grew up without parental guidance, Not So PG aims to help those who have been forced to pull themselves up and take control of their life. It’s a perspective the podcast world is yet to hear – filled with hot takes and dishing the dirt.

Speaking of her latest venture, Brooke said, “I’m so excited to be launching this podcast with Nova. Matty and I are thrilled to be sharing our stories both as members of First Nations and LGBTQI+ communities and as two great friends. We can’t wait to reveal what’s in store.” 

Brooke is hosting her podcast alongside Matty Mills. (Credit: Supplied)

“The Not So PG podcast is going to be the authentic and unfiltered version of myself, that all of my friends and family know but I hardly show on TV,” co-host Matty added.

“I’ll be bringing the person I am behind closed doors to the forefront and I’m so excited about that. It’s a chance to reintroduce myself.”

It’s been a busy time for Brooke, who recently landed the cover of the August issue of Australian Women’s Health, where she discussed the ‘strength’ of being vulnerable on social media.

“If you can be vulnerable with yourself and also with others, I admire that over being physically strong because I think that, for me, is so admirable and the strength to share vulnerability is not credited enough in this world,” she said of opening up to fans about her past trauma.

Brooke recently landed the cover of Women’s Health. (Credit: Instagram)

The 26-year-old has previously spoken about her tragic childhood, including losing members of her family at a very young age, and how it inspired her to do more work within the Aboriginal community.

“My biggest passion in life is mental health, from working and growing up with a lot of drug and alcohol violence in my childhood really,” she told SBS’ Noongar Dandjoo.

“I grew up in a country town in Carnarvon. I spent my childhood there up until I was about 11, when my mum, unfortunately, passed away,” Brooke said.

Brooke also revealed that she felt she didn’t have “stability that was normal”, and she was surrounded by things that kids “shouldn’t be exposed to” at such a young age.

“I figured out that the way that I lived wasn’t exactly normal when my brothers and I went into foster care. We were treated well in care and that became the comparison that helped me to develop expectations,” she told NW.

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