Britney Spears Reveals How She Keeps Fit

It involves exercise and Oreos.

Britney Spears has shared her secrets to keeping in shape and how she likes to treat herself on cheat days.

The first of the two involves a lot of exercise, both during and outside of work. “I run a lot, I swim a lot and I dance a lot, too,” she told Marc Malkin from E! Online.  “We had three hours of rehearsal yesterday.”


Allowing cheat foods into a healthy diet is important for maintaining control claims the singer.

The mother of two revealed her go-to foods. “Tacos, pizza and ice cream,” she said. “I love sweets. I love Oreo Blasts—they’re the best!”


Spears has been posting photos of herself exercising and showing off her body, as well as an Instagram video showing her doing pushups. 

Spears was in the midst of filming the music video for her new hit ‘Make Me’, which is slated for release this July. Her new album will be available later in the year.

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