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After a flirt-fest at the Golden Globes, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston appear to be inching closer to officially going public with their relationship.

The former married couple were the talk of the night at the star-studded event, with the pair also spied spending significant time together at an afterparty.

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Jennifer, 50, caused further excitement on the red carpet when she arrived wearing a designer ring that was identical to the original engagement sparkler that Brad, 56, once used to propose.

Now, a source tells New Idea that the pair could even be planning to adopt a baby together!

Rumours are swirling Brad and Jen made a top-secret visit to an orphanage in Mexico, where they were both spotted over the holiday period on Jan. 1.


Brad and Jen

It’s believed they also enjoyed a romantic getaway in the days prior to the Golden Globes, while carefully discussing their plans for the year ahead. 

“Brad and Jen organised this Globes appearance like a military operation,” an insider reveals. “They wanted everything to be ultra-classy and beneath the radar, so their meetings are very carefully planned out in advance and only a handful of trusted friends are allowed to know where and when they get together.

“But they’re not really fooling anyone at this stage, and it’s an open secret that behind the scenes they’re getting closer by the day.”

This appeared evident in Mexico, where eagle-eyed fans noted that Brad and Jen were both in the country over the New Year’s period.

Brad and Jen Oprhanage

Jen travelled south of the border with a group of close friends including producer Will Speck and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, while Brad went solo before being spotted leaving from the town of Puerto Vallarta via a private jet.

It’s believed he and Jen may have travelled to the town of Tijuana to visit an orphanage named Casa Hogar Sion, which Jen has privately supported for many years.

“Jen is a huge fan of this particular orphanage and the work they do there to help impoverished kids who don’t have homes,” explains an insider. “She is the main donor, but it was something both she and Brad were believed to be quietly involved with even before their divorce.

“If they do wind up officially getting back together and adopting a baby, this would be the perfect place for them to adopt [from].”

Jennifer Brad

Though Jen has downplayed talk of becoming a mother, insiders say she hasn’t ruled it out. And the father of six once joked he hoped to have enough kids to start a soccer team. 

Meanwhile, Brad and Jen’s rekindled connection was on display for all the world to see during their recent appearance at the Globes. During Brad’s acceptance speech for his role in Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood, the cameras captured an enamoured Jen.

“I wanted to bring my mum but I couldn’t, because anyone I stand next to, they say I’m dating,” he joked, as Jen looked on adoringly. Jen then giggled when Brad added, “And that would just be awkward.” 

The pair later caught up at an afterparty, where sources say Jennifer refrained from drinking in order to support Brad, who has been sober for several years.

Jen Golden Globes

“Jen loved Brad’s speech and she told him she was so proud of him in so many ways,” says an insider. “She still adores Brad’s mum and his entire family, so that line really resonated with her and made her laugh.

“This was a really magical night for each of them and they’re really enjoying this latest chapter. It seems like the stars are truly aligned for a second chance at love.”

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