Brad Pitt’s baby gift to Jennifer Aniston

The Hollywood star gives the ultimate present.

A wild report out of the US today has claimed that Jennifer Aniston has asked ex-husband Brad Pitt to father her child! 

The National Enquirer claims to have learnt that Jen is desperate for a baby, and has boldly asked ex-flame Brad.

A source is alleged to have told the publication, ‘Jen isn’t talking about getting back together with Brad, but she smartly had her eggs frozen years ago.

‘And now she’s asked Brad to donate the sperm so they can finally have a child together.’ 


According to the National Enquirer’s outrageous report, Jen and Justin Theroux’s shock split announced on February 15 was the result of years of tension surrounding their conflicting ideas of future plans. 

‘When they got married, Jen said she wanted to start a family,’ a source close to Jen spills to the publication. While a friend of Justin’s revealed, ‘For Justin it was important to have kids.’ 

But, it was their intense career demands and separate lifestyles that drove the two apart. 

‘One of their final fights was about having children,’ a source explosively reveals. ‘It was all due to Jennifer stalling.’ 

Sources also allegedly told the National Enquirer that Jen was reluctant to have children with Justin, as her mind was set up on the father being Brad. 

A source reveals, ‘Jen wants her children to be just like Brad – in not just looks but also personality.’ 

The National Enquirer’s bombshell report reveals that Brad jumped at the chance to father Jen’s babies. 

‘He loves kids,’ a friend close to the star told the National Enquirer. ‘He’d love to have more with Jen. He always thought she’d make a great mum!’ 

Neither Brad or Jen have responded to the National Enquirer’s claims. 

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