Brad Pitt freak outs over Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston’s public showdown

Hollywood’s nastiest feud has entered strange new territory.

Tinsel Town is holding its breath for the biggest A-list bust up of the year, as Angelina Jolie and Jenifer Aniston prepare to come face-to-face at the Oscars this Sunday (Monday, Australian time). And Brad Pitt is said to be in a desperate state of agitation over what will happen.

OK! USA is reporting that the long time rivals even orchestrated a phone call to plot how to best avoid each other on the night.

‘Word is Jen and Angie had a major discussion about the Oscars,’ says a source.

‘It’s the biggest night of the year, and they know they’ll both be party-hopping.’


However, while Jen, 49 and Ange, 42 both want to stake out their own territory, ‘neither are willing to budge an inch,’ resulting in both ladies agreeing to do their best to avoid each other – something neither are very happy about.

‘Why should either of them have to tiptoe around the Academy Awards worrying about bumping into the other?” continues the insider.

‘A face-to-face showdown is inevitable.’


Not only that, Brad Pitt – who is now both Jen and Ange’s ex-husband – is said to be ‘in a panic’ over a potential public spat.

‘I heard he’s frantically texting Jen and Angie to ask them to avoid being in the same room at all costs – no good could possibly come from it.’

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