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For over four years, the mud has been flying in the bitter divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – but things have taken a turn for the worse, for both stars!

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Sources claim Ange, who recently had a second lawyer withdraw from her case,
might be deliberating limiting her income to low-budget independent movies, in order to garner more financial support from Brad, 56.

“She’s still gunning for full custody. And if that happens, Brad will be paying her child support, plus alimony,” explains one insider. “In other words, he’ll be broke with no kids!”

Brad and Angelina (pictured) in happier times. (Credit: Getty)

Ange, 45, is fronting the new Marvel Studios movie The Eternals, which is the only significant income source she has right now. But if the movie flops, “she’s got no hope of it becoming a franchise”, says the spy.

“She’s doing everything she can to play the ‘struggling single mum’ card to the courts, and has even suggested she’ll have to streamline her staff.

Angelina (pictured) with the six children she shares with Brad. (Credit: Getty)

That’s not to say Brad’s team aren’t afraid to play.

We’re told they shopped 
the actor’s case to a bunch of LA’s hottest lawyers last year, which means Ange now can’t hire any of them as there’d be a conflict of interest.

“This is a common tactic in big-money divorces, whether you hire them in the end or not. It stops the other person from being able to hire them as there’d be a conflict of interest.

Brad (pictured) isn’t having a bar of Ange playing the ‘single mum card.’ (Credit: Getty)

That’s exactly what’s happened here and Angie’s got a real problem now – all the decent lawyers in LA aren’t available as they’ve already consulted speculatively on Brad’s case.” Ouch!

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