Brand and Ange: why we faked our split

Inside the bizarre new twist that's left Hollywood reeling

It was the split that shocked the world and saw Hollywood’s biggest A-list power couple locked in an ugly divorce battle. 

But now, as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie prepare to announce their shock reconciliation, disturbing new details of their break-up have emerged – with well-placed sources telling New Idea that they ‘faked their split’, calling it the ‘ultimate PR stunt.’ 

It’s believed that the A-list couple took the drastic steps of orchestrating their messy public divorce to rebrand themselves and relaunch their careers after years of dwindling film offers, scathing reviews and dire box-office flops.

ange and brad
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‘Brad and Ange split because their ‘Brangelina’ brand was suffering,’ the source tells New Idea

‘Breaking up and then getting back together will put them back on top and back in favour with the fans and the powers-that-be in Hollywood.’ 

Sources say it was the career low that lead to Brad and Ange making their bizarre decision to fake their split. 

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The pair are set to reunite on the one-year anniversary of their split – September 19 – and are hoping the news will resurrect their careers and put them back on top of Hollywood’s most wanted lists. 

The shock reconciliation comes after mum-of-six Ange revealed she hated being alone and was struggling with her split from Brad, 53. 

‘It’s been difficult. I don’t enjoy being single,’ the 42-year-old told the UK Sunday Telegraph. ‘There’s nothing nice about it. It’s just hard.’ 

Read the full story in this week’s issue of New Idea, out now.

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