Amy Schumer’s body shamers: ‘You’re too fat for that role’

She’s set to play Barbie in upcoming movie

Amy Schumer has landed the lead role in an upcoming Barbie movie, however online trolls were quick to slam the casting of the curvy and confident actress.

‘Better lose a lot of weight for that role,’ wrote one hateful commentator.

Whilst another bitter and angry Twitter user said: ‘More fat f***s making the news. @amyschumer as Barbie? The mental illness in Hollywood is mind-boggling.’

‘If Barbie became obese and heinous to men, @amyschumer is perfect,’ came another horrid remark.

Thankfully, plenty of people were delighted at the prospect of someone with a realistic and positive body image playing the iconic doll.

‘God I hope this is true because Amy has a real woman’s body!!’ and The s*** people are saying about Amy Schumer as Barbie is awful. You do get that the original doll is bad for girls’ body image, right?’ were just some of the comments in favour of Amy’s casting.

The live action movie is set to hit screens in 2018.

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