Congratulations! Chad Hurst wins Big Brother 2020

What a finale!
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Congratulations to Chad Hurst who has won Big Brother Australia for 2020!

The live finale, held in Sydney this evening, saw the return of almost all its housemates to witness which of the top three – Daniel Gorringe, Chad Hurst or Sophie Budack – would take home the title.

WATCH: Big Brother top three celebrate making it to the finale

The win not only means the title of champion but also a grand cash prize of $235,000 (give or take a bit).

Originally the grand prize was set at $250,000 but thanks to a shock twist in the game, roughly $15,000 was deducted from the total.

After being evicted Sophie and Kieran Davidson were sent to the secret white room where they were faced with a dilemma – leave and take a small cash prize out of the jackpot or stay and take you chances back in the house.

Ultimately, Kieran decided to take the money and run, something he says was a final strategic blow to the housemates who had doubted him the entire game.

Big Brother
There’s no love lost between these three finalists. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Sophie’s return to the house was a brutal twist for Daniel and Mat Garrick, who had executed the gymnast’s first eviction.

Back with a vengeance nothing could stop Sophie making the top three.

But, it was Chad who won the final challenge and the right to decide who he took to tonight’s live finale with him.

Chad Sophie
There was never a doubt Chad would take Sophie. (Credit: Channel Seven)

It was a no brainer for Chad to take Sophie, the girl he’d fallen for and formed an unbreakable alliance with, but the last housemate proved a difficult decision.

Torn between his heart – choosing Daniel – and his head – choosing Mat – ultimately it was Chad’s moral compass that made the decision, choosing the AFL star as the third spot.

Daniel played a great game. (Credit: Channel Seven)

While Chad believed he stood a better chance of beating Mat than Dan, the model felt Dan had played the better game, and therefore deserved the chance to win.

The rest was up to Australia!

And, after 24 hours of voting the first winner of Channel Seven’s revamped Big Brother (the most strategic and cunning version we’ve seen yet) was declared.

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