Geek’s wild night out ‘proves’ partner swap rumours

Look away Angelique
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Rumours continue to swirl around a possible partner swap between Beauty and the Geek’s Sam Mitchell and Tegan Burns.

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Now images from a recent night on the town appear to confirm the rumours that his BATG partner Angelique Nguyen is no longer in the picture.

Most interestingly, it’s not just Tegan that Sam’s been spending time with.

The latest Instagram post shows Sam out with Tegan and beauty Tara Schwarz, notably without Tara’s on-screen partner Michael Gebicki.

Sam, Tara and Tegan
The cast seemed to have a big night out (Credit: Instagram)

In the caption Sam voiced his appreciation for both women saying, “I’m so happy that I had the privilege to meet both you all [sic].

“Tara and Tegan you are both such amazing human beings and I cannot even begin to explain how both you and everyone has changed me for the better.”

Tegan replied to the image with, “Appreciate you so much, love you xx”

All three were recently spotted out at a Melbourne bar with BATG season one and two cast members.

BATG alum were spotted at a bar in Melbourne
BATG alum were spotted at a bar in Melbourne (Credit: Instagram)

Gossip site So Dramatic! claims Sam has been spending a lot of time with Tara since filming ended, even heading on an overseas trip together. 

Sam denied the rumours posting in an Instagram story “I wasn’t overseas I swear.”

However, a glance at their Insta accounts tells a slightly different story.

Tara and Sam both posted photos from Germany and Spain around the same time, with some fans saying it “proves” the theory they’re an item.

Sam and Tara in Berlin
Sam and Tara posted these images from Berlin a week apart (Credit: Instagram)

Tegan and Tara have also been liking Sam’s images from the trip. 

Last night we saw Michael and Tara eliminated just after having a heartwarming conversation about possibly falling in love with each other. So, what has happened since filming ended?

With the Beauty and the Geek finale tonight hopefully we’ll get some answers but since it’s pre-filmed we won’t know for sure until the series ends. 

Watch this space.

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