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The Bachelorette stars Elly and Becky Miles are as close as they come.

Despite the four year age gap between the pai, they consider each other not only sisters but also “best friends.”

That’s why they had one major caveat before signing on to the show – to never let love, or the chaos that comes with reality TV, break their bond.

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“Our main thing coming into this as we were in discussions was we didn’t want there to be any kind of drama between us,” Elly, 26, told The Daily Telegraph.

“We knew there wouldn’t have been any drama on our end but we wanted to make sure that was across the board, that we would have a wholesome story unfold and no bull***. We were reassured that they wanted us to find love.”

The pair are joined at the hip. (Credit: Channel 10)

The gorgeous blondes are Australia’s very first “double” leading ladies, meaning they will be searching for their perfect partner at the exact same time.

While fans of the show – and even this year’s contestants – have expressed their confusion at how the new format will actually work, it’s clear that the pair are excited to be experiencing such a unique journey together.

On Instagram, Becky, 30, posted a sweet tribute to her sister on Instagram ahead of the premiere, writing: “I can’t be more proud of you sis, and of us – what an amazing ride. I’m excited for you all to join us on our search for love!”

The sisters describe one another as their “best friend.” (Credit: Instagram)

Elly, who is already well acquainted with viewers after making it to the top five on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor, shared a similar sentiment.

“Crikey, this is actually happening! So bloody lucky to have my best friend right there along with me 👯,” she wrote, alongside Ten’s official promo image of the pair.

Looking for love in an Australian TV first. (Credit: Channel 10)

Although just one episode has been aired so far, the show has already been plagued by scandal. 

Following Wednesday night’s cocktail party, Elly and Becky were tasked with sending home two unlucky contenders. 

But when the first rose ceremony rolled around, one suitor, Ab Sow, opted to part ways with Becky – much to her dismay.

“Becky, I’m really sorry. You’re absolutely beautiful and, unfortunately, I cannot accept this rose,” he told her.

I just don’t think I’m the right person for you. It’s only right that I’m honest with you know, instead of leading you down the road.”

Ab (left) and Becky (right) after declining a rose on Wednesday night’s episode. (Credit: Channel 10)

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