Bachelorette villain’s SHOCKING transformation

He's debuted a new look.
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While there have been many Bachelorette villains over the years, we can’t forget the one who started it all, Mr David Witko of Sam Frost’s season.

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Appearing on the first season of the Bachelorette back in 2015, “international model” David Witko soon became an enemy to Bachelorette Sam Frost, as well as Australia, when he accused her of being materialistic. 

Needless to say, he didn’t get her rose.

But now, it looks as though David is ready to put the past behind him as he debuts an all-new look. 

Heading to Instagram on Monday, the 37-year-old shocked Bachie fans everywhere by posting a shirtless and rugged look.

“37 celsius river hangs,” David captioned the post, “#australia #bush #warrandyte #nature #summer, where is yur favourite place to visit in Vic? Since we are stuck here…” 

David Witko
The Bachelorette villain David Witko (pictured) debuted a new look. (Credit: Instagram)

David’s Bachelorette journey was cut short after he clashed spectacularly with Sam Frost, implying that the now 31-year-old was only on the show for status. When she understandably got mad at his accusations, he turned the tables back on the actress claiming she misinterpreted him.

Sam promptly gave the model the boot as she moved on to her other male suitors, ultimately choosing Sasha Mielczarek.

But it looks like David wasn’t too heartbroken as he went on to find a Bachie villain of his own. 

David and Sam
After calling her materialistic, David failed to get a rose from Sam. (Credit: Network Ten)

Back in 2017, it was revealed that the “international model” was dating Leah Costa from Matty J’s season of The Bachelor.

The pair confirmed their relationship through some seriously PDA-packed snaps as well as their adorable Insta posts. 

While it would seem like a match made in heaven, sadly, the couple didn’t last. 

When it comes to Sam Frost’s love story, David wasn’t the first villain the actress had to deal with.

Sam and Bake
Blake Garvey (pictured) famously broke Sam’s heart after leaving her for runner-up Louise. (Credit: Network Ten)

We all remember when Blake Garvey famously proposed to Sam in the season two finale of The Bachelor, before quickly changing his mind and running back to runner-up Louise Pillidge. 

Since having her heart broken, the 31-year-old has managed to rise to Australiand fame through radio hosting and, most recently, her recurring role as Jasmine on Home and Away.

It just goes to show that boys – especially villainous boys – aren’t everything.  

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