Richie’s shock confession!

You won’t believe what the new Bachelor demands of his women

As the new Bachelor, you’d certainly expect Richie Strahan to know exactly what he wants – and doesn’t want – in a partner.

But the truth about his requirements are sure to shock some.

In an interview with OK! magazine, the 31-year-old has admitted that a ‘healthy’ physique is a top priority – and laziness is a huge turn-off.

Health and fitness is clearly important to the ripped reality star (Credit: Richie Strahan Instagram)

‘I think it’s important they are healthy,’ he says. ‘I don’t need a pro-athlete, but in saying that, if she were a couch potato, I’d be like, “Come on, babe, let’s go outside”.’

The comments are sure to cause a stir, as the rope access technician from WA is known for his squeaky-clean, nice-guy persona.

The new Bachelor admits he’s turned off by ‘couch potatoes’ (Credit: Channel Ten)

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