BIP’s Renee SLAMS Cass for cracking on to ex Ciarran

Safe to say, Renee is NOT happy!
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In jaw-dropping scenes in last night’s Bachelor in Paradise premiere, Ciarran Stott, 25, was quick to ruffle feathers with his eyebrow-raising antics.

While Abbie Chatfield, 25, was intent on hooking up with Ciarran, he in fact had his eye on Cassandra Mamone, 34.

WATCH: Renee Barrett calls Cassandra Mamone a “b**ch”

Throughout the course of the first night, Ciarran and Cass hit it off.

But there was just one thing holding her back from kissing Ciarran – the fact that she’s good friends with his ex-girlfriend and former Bachelor star Renee Barrett after starring together on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor last year.

Ciarran Stott Renee Barrett
Ciarran Stott (left) previously dated Renee Barrett (right). (Credit: Channel Ten)

“Renee is my friend. She was from Matt’s season of The Bachelor. Obviously I am chuffed I have this great banter with Ciarran but at the end of the day, I’ve also got Ciarran’s ex-girlfriend at the back of my mind,” Cass explained, before going on to note that she was a very loyal friend and wouldn’t want to betray Renee.

At the welcome dinner, Ciarran was asked how he would react if his ex Renee arrived in Paradise.

He went onto reveal they broke up shortly before she appeared on The Bachelor because he cheated on her.

Last night in Paradise Ciarran only had eyes for Cassandra Mammone (pictured). (Credit: Channel Ten)

Despite several red flags on both sides of the equation, it didn’t stop Cass and Ciarran from flirting up a storm in a cosy dark corner.

And now, an explosive new video has emerged showing Renee reacting to Ciarran and Cass’ steamy night in Paradise.

In the footage, which was shared on the Bachie Funny page and captured from Sam Royce’s Instagram, Renee can be seen surrounded by friends during a viewing party on Wednesday evening as she and Sam both shout “b—h” towards to camera.

The video was posted with the caption: “When you break girl code.”

“Renee watching Cassandra refer to her as a ‘good friend’ on Paradise while also trying to get with her ex Ciarran seconds after he said he cheated on her 😂 #bachelorinparadiseau,” the video caption explained.

Renee Barrett
Woah! In explosive footage on Instagram, Renee called Cass a “b**ch” for her actions. (Credit: Instagram)

No doubt Renee, who is rumoured to enter Paradise as an intruder this season, was left even more shocked when Ciarran proceeded to canoodle with Abbie in bed later that night.

Fans were quick to react to the shock video of Renee, which you can watch at the player at the top.

“So they’re not friends 🤣,” one person laughed.

“And there’s the tea ☕️,” another said.

Bring on Renee’s entry to Paradise!

Bachelor in Paradise continues 7.30pm on Channel Ten

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