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With relationships on Bachelor in Paradise changing more than the women change their bikinis, it’s hard to keep track of who’s actually still on the island and who’s been given the boot.

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And while several stars have threatened to walk out after particularly intense Bula Banquets (Timm, Ciarran and Jamie – we’re looking at you guys!), most get their marching orders at the rose ceremonies.

So to help you keep track of who’s been and gone, here is every unlucky-in-love reality star who’s departed Fiji.

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Jamie Doran
Jamie declared his love for Helena as he departed Paradise. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Jamie Doran

After continually exchanging friendship roses with Brittney Weldon, Jamie’s time in Paradise ended when Jackson Garlick arrived, with Brittney turning her attention to him. After Cassandra Mamone beat Brittney to the punch with Jackson she gave her rose to Scott Fuller instead of Jamie, he was sent home. In a bizarre twist, Jamie declared he was in love with Helena Sauzier in a strange exit speech.

BIP Niranga
After getting little air time, Niranga was left rose-less. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Niranga Amarasinghe

Niranga was given barely any airtime during his Bachelor in Paradise stint. Most notably, he attempted to pursue Cassandra Mamone who brutally brushed him aside. Failing to form a connection he was cut loose and has since been outspoken about certain co-stars slamming their edits.

BIP gilly
Another Cleanskin bites the dust! (Credit: Channel Ten)

Chris “Gilly” Gilleland

As one of the “Cleanskins”, Chris found it tricky to penetrate the bonds already in place due to the others’ friendships formed on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. His most prominent scene was calling out Jamie at a Bula Banquet for not wanting to put in a good word with Jackson for Brittney. Alas, he wasn’t involved in any romances and was left without a rose.

Jessica Brody
Jessica was brutally dumped by Ciarran. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Jessica Brody

In controversial scenes, Jessica was dumped by Ciarran Stott as soon as Kiki Morris walked through the gates of Paradise, leaving her incensed. Not even a last-minute date with Alex McKay could save her! “I’m so f**king angry,” Jessica raged as she was forced to leave the island.

Helena was left without a rose. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Helena Sauzier

Helena was on the radar of several men in Paradise including Jake Ellis and Jamie Doran and even shared a brief fling with Glenn Smith but the flames soon fizzled and the blonde beauty was left empty-handed at the third rose ceremony.

Tim Lindy
Tim got almost no screen time then was gone. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Tim Lindy

Let’s be real, when Osher Gunsberg introduced the three “cleanskins” to Paradise, we all knew their time was ticking. Poor Tim was booted almost instantly after close to zero screen time. Just as well; there’s only room for one Timm on the island so it might as well be the one with the slightly longer spelling. God speed, Tim with one “M”

Jake Ellis
That’s one way to leave! Jake left some parting shots before walking out. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Jake Ellis

One of the OG Bachelor in Paradise bros, Jake Ellis has strong feelings about the sanctity of rose ceremonies since falling head over heels for Megan Marx during his last stint of the show. When it was clear some of the others were giving out “friendship roses” as a strategy to keep themselves around longer, Jake threw an almighty dummy spit and walked out before getting the chance to be given a tainted rose.

Abbie Chatfield
Abbie caused a stir but was left without a rose. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Abbie Chatfield

She was only in Paradise for a hot minute, but wow, what a way to make her time memorable. After throwing all her eggs in to the basket of pursuing a romance with notorious ladies man Ciarran Stott – which graced us with THAT dancing doona 2.0 scene – Abbie was left without a rose when he turned his attention to Cassandra Mamone and Jessica Brody instead.

Janey Birks
Janey had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it stint. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Janey Birks

Ah, Janey – we hardly knew ye! This brunette beauty was forgettable on Richie Strahan’s season and she was forgettable once again in Paradise. So long!

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