Bachelor shock: Is Cass Wood a planted actress?

As she's spotted filming scenes for Home And Away.

On last night’s premiere episode of The Bachelor, one lady looking for love with Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins stood out – Cassandra Wood.

Twitter had a field day as the bubbly blonde was labelled a ‘stage five clinger’ by viewers.

During the first cocktail party of the season, the 23-year-old student maintained a laser-focused eye on Nick as he chatted with other women. 

After waiting eagerly all night, she was finally granted a private chat with the Bachelor.

In that chat, Cass – who admitted to already knowing the strapping rugby player before entering the mansion – told Nick she had written his name down in her ‘dream diary.’  

Following that, the blonde then awkwardly attempted to kiss Nick but failed and walked away with her head in her hands. 

Twitter was quick to label Cass as ‘clingy,’ and ‘a little crazy.’ 


However, with her new found notoriety Cassandra has come under fire for being ‘planted’ by Channel Ten and is merely there to create drama.

Cass, who claimed she was a ‘student’ in her bio on the Bachelor, is actually an actress who works on Home And Away

Channel Ten
(Credit: Channel Ten)

Photos of the actress on set of the Channel Seven soap have surfaced.

The blonde beauty can be seen in the background of several scenes, including beach scenes and group workout scenes. 

Most recently, Cass was spotted in a group workout scene with Sarah Roberts, who plays Willow on the popular series. 


According to her StarNow profile, the young actress is from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and has a slew of acting and modelling credits. 

Besides her roles in Home And Away, Cass has also modelled for brands including Reebok and Rebel Sport. 

The young aspiring actress’ talent bio also emphasises that she is attempting to find work as either a model or an actress. 

Channel Ten are yet to respond to allegations the actress was ‘planted’ for entertainment purposes. 

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