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WATCH: Kyle Sandilands stacking it is the most watched KIIS video ever

It is pretty hilarious!
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Kyle Sandilands stacking it in front of his whole radio team has become the most watched KIIS video of all time, according to one of the producers.

King Kyle’s tumble happened when he and co-host Jackie “O” Henderson were celebrating yet another breakfast show ratings win for the Kyle and Jackie O Show on the studio’s rooftop.

WATCH: KIIS FM’s most watched video of Kyle Sandiland’s EPIC fall

Kyle had been walking arm-in-arm with Jackie when his shoe laces got caught and he dropped to the ground and rolled.

Speaking about the tumble on-air, Jackie O said: “I actually felt sorry for you if I am honest.”

Kyle said he never usually says anything to Jackie about the surveys, but this time he gave her a hug and said: “We are still number one in the survey … no one is any good except for us.”

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie
Kyle Sandilands and Jackie “O” Henderson (Credit: Instagram)

Jackie explained what happened next: “Kyle’s shoelaces somehow got intertwined and he fell over and he did the most epic stack and roll.”

Kyle added: “In front of everyone.”

“And what is the first thing I said?” Jackie asked him.

Kyle responded: “We need that footage … [and you were] laughing like a wicked witch.”

Jackie added: “I did say, ‘are you OK?'”

“Ya, 30 minutes later,” Kyle replied.

Kyle later said the pair looked like “Westie bogans” falling out of a pub after a big night.

A number of people took to Instagram to comment on the hilarious clip with Married At First Sight star, Nic Jovanovic, writing: “Hahahahahahahahha Kyle. Poor b**tard.”

Another added: “I can’t stop laughing.”

While one tagged and friend and wrote: That is you and me coming home from the pub.”

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