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All the cutest family photos of Sam Frost’s adorable baby boy Theodore

This family of three are so sweet!
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Former Bachelorette and Home and Away actress Sam Frost welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world on March 7th, 2023 alongside fiance and Survivor star Jordie Hansen. 

WATCH NOW: Sam Frost shares sweet video of baby Ted. Article continues after video. 

Naming him Theodore Paul Frost Hansen (or Ted for short), the newest addition to the Frost-Hansen family was introduced to the fans of the couple just two days after his birth in a picture that saw him snuggling up close to mum. 

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Scroll on for the cutest family pictures of this wholesome family of three!

“We are extremely excited.” (Credit: Instagram)

In September 2022, Sam and Jordie took to their Instagrams to share their happy news. 

“There is a tiny human coming soon…everyone act surprised when he inevitably inherits his parents odd sense of humour.”

“We don’t take ourselves or life too seriously, and we’re hoping to teach our tiny ones the same values we share…the importance of being unapologetically yourself, always finding the fun and humour in all the small things, and that being kind, loving an empathetic is a superpower.”

“Thankyou to all our beautiful friends and family who have supported us during this time, you’re all excellent secret keepers.”

“We are extremely excited and grateful for our tiny miracle…your mum & dad love you so much already xxxx” 

Meet Ted. (Credit: Instagram)

“This is Ted ❤️”

“Theodore Paul Frost-Hansen. There’s no words to describe how much we love you. 07/03/2023”

Like father like son. (Credit: Instagram)

“Ted, this is you and me having a cuddle giving mumma a break.”

“You and I are very lucky to have her in our lives. She is the strongest person I know. Not only through the birthing process but the last 9 months. And the hard work continues still. You and I will never be able to fully understand how hard it is to do what she’s done but she was amazing and at times she was my strength too.”

“You would be so proud of her. And I’m proud of you both. Get ready for some adventures my boy ❤️,” Jordie captioned this photo of himself cuddling up to his newborn son. 

“Our little family.” (Credit: Instagram)

All rugged up for a Victorian winter, just look at those smiles!

Little Theo is ready to take on the world. (Credit: Instagram)

Two months after welcoming her bundle of joy into the world, Sam made the candid admission that she had been struggling with breastfeeding. 

“I remember looking at him thinking how amazing this experience is, how primal and special breastfeeding your newborn is,” Sam wrote on her blog Believe by Sam Frost. 

“After a few days, my nipples were chapped, raw, and bleeding. I was in so much pain. A girlfriend had she she found breastfeeding harder than labour – I had an epidural, so I wholeheartedly agreed.”

Catching up on some much needed sleep. (Credit: Instagram)

“For a long time, I’ve always felt like I had a huge hole in my heart…but now I think maybe my heart was just waiting for you x,” Sam captioned this snoozy snap on her Instagram. 

Jordie and Theo sure look toasty! (Credit: Instagram)

“Here’s to many more campfires together my boy 🔥,” Jordie shared. 

Some up close and personal pictures from Theo’s first days. (Credit: Instagram)

“Ted has been teaching me how to be still. I’m not very good at it but I’m learning because of him 🖤,” doting dad Jordie shared with his Instagram followers. 

Just look at these two! (Credit: Instagram)

“Naked cuties,” Sam captioned this picture she took of fiancee Jordie and son Theodore. 

Aren’t these beach bums the cutest?

Theo is growing up so fast. (Credit: Instagram)

“Three months of you 🧡 my Instagram is now just a Ted fan page. But tbh, I don’t do anything except hang out with him, and also he’s so cute,” wrote Sam as she celebrated three months earthside of her baby boy. 

Sunglasses gang ft Ted. (Credit: Instagram)

“Long lunch with our little fam 🤍,” wrote Sam.

Jordie captured this smiling snap. (Credit: Instagram)

Whilst filming his upcoming tv project My Road To Adventures, Jordie shared this gorgeous photo of his fiance and bouncing baby boy. 

“The best bits can’t be planned,” he captioned the post.

Too cute! (Credit: Instagram)

When this snap was taken, Ted was almost five months old. 

Just look at that squishy face!

All snuggled up. (Credit: Instagram)

Sharing some morning snuggles together. 

The young mum admitted pregnancy was difficult. (Credit: Instagram)

In August 2023, Sam confessed pregnancy was incredibly “difficult” which blurred her perception as to what motherhood would be like. 

“To be honest, I have actually surprised myself,’ she admitted to Confidential on Nova radio. 

“I found pregnancy really difficult and I thought that would be perhaps a reflection on what is going to happen coming up, but to be honest I am actually a little more relaxed than I thought.’

However, the former Home And Away star was proved wrong as she declared little Theo is a “dream baby.”

Our favourite family. (Credit: Instagram)

“Grateful,” Sam captioned the Instagram post which featured a collection of the families cutest moments including the picture above. 

Celebrating a special someone… (Credit: Instagram)

Sam shared this adorable photo of her fiancee Jordie, sitting in the sunshine on some sand at a beach to celebrate his first Father’s Day! 

We just love to see these smiles.

On an adventure! (Credit: Instagram)

This happy snap was captured in Mpulungkinya, Palm Valley in the Northern Territory. 

“Special moment to bring the fam in here,” Jordie shared on his social media. 

“Came here as a young man. A full circle moment. It’s special country in here. A real magic in the air. 🌴”

All smiles for mummy. (Credit: Instagram)

“My whole wide world,” Jordie captioned this post, fiancee Sam commenting “Awww this is so beautiful ❤️.”

Home is where the heart is. (Credit: Instagram)

In mid-December, 2023, Sam took to her Instagram to mark a special occasion, sharing several previously unseen happy snaps from the exciting time on the road the family of three had been on for the previous two months. 

Tuckered out and ready for a post nap swim. (Credit: Instagram)

“We travelled Australia for 2 months filming a telly show coming early next year 🎞️,” Sam penned excitedly. 

“I loved every moment with my beautiful family in our home away from home xx”

Checking out Uluru with dad. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking of “home”, Jordie shared a heartwarming tribute to his fiancee and darling son, sharing an image of the three donning big smiles and captioning it with “home”, giving real substance to the saying “home is where the heart is.”


Their first Christmas as a family of three. (Credit: Instagram)

Over the holiday period, Sam posted this adorable photo of mum, dad, and bubs together – big smiles adorning their faces.

“This made my heart burst with so much love and happiness!!!! X,” the mother of one captioned this photo.

What a messy bubba. (Credit: Instagram)

Jordie posted this rare image of his son Ted after he got stuck into a delicious pasta dish for his dinner one night.

Despite having to clean up after him, the parents seemed to be amused by their son’s messy eating antics. 

Awww! (Credit: Instagram)

Sam shared this photo of her two main men to her Instagram story in mid-February, 2024, writing “Could cry, I love this sleepy head cutie so much.”

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