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Hamish Blake: The truth about my split from Andy Lee

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He’s been one half of the most loved comedy duo on TV and radio for well over a decade, but now Hamish Blake has gone solo, ditching Andy Lee for a gig as the host of LEGO Masters.

WATCH Hamish Blake in LEGO Masters below. 

Speaking to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Hamish, 37, revealed how he’s coping after striking out on his own.

“It’s not weird, it’s just a different experience,” Hamish tells the publication.

“You’ve just got to realise that you’ve got to figure out how to do this as just yourself.”

“You can’t leave long pauses like when the other person speaks while you’ve got a chance to think. That’s the main difference.”

And it looks like Hamish is enjoying his new presenting role as he took to Instagram on Monday night to thank viewers of the show.

“A genuine thanks to those that watched LEGO Masters last night, far more people than expected!” he began. 

Hamish continued: “The response has been really heartwarming, just stoked people are having as much fun watching it as everyone had making it, and it really is cool to me that lots of families have made it their show to watch together.”

hamish blake lego masters
(Credit: Channel 9)

Hamish’s behind-the-scenes sneak peek showed the less glamorous side of the show.

“This is the less glamorous side of things, the LEGO sorting area out the back. I did a lot of my LEGO stealing out here when people weren’t looking. Fond memories,” he wrote.

“If you look closely you can see the trophy (and a practice one next to it) that one of the teams will take home in, actually, about two weeks cos it’s only a three week run! She’s a quick season!” 

On Tuesday night viewers watched as Marielle and Kaitlyn were eliminated in an emotional episode.

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