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Googlebox’s Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd’s adorable family

It all started with a chance meeting...
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Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd can be considered Gogglebox favourites, alongside their good friend Jad Nehmetallah.

The couple, who have graced our screens for 6 years, are the picture of relationship goals. Since their first appearance in 2017, they’ve even married and had two children.

While they’re now partners in crime, truth be told, their relationship didn’t start with ‘love at first sight’ – at least on Sarah Marie’s end.

If anything, their endearing story proves the power of perseverance and ‘never saying never’.

WATCH: Sarah Marie and Matty Fahd’s new baby boy. Article continues after video.

Speaking to fellow Googleboxer’s Adam and Symon on their podcast, Matty recounted his movie-like pursuit of Sarah Marie.

Having met outside a club in Sydney’s Kings Cross, Matty slid into Sarah’s DM’s with “Hi” (smooth).

Accordingly, Sarah Marie replied, “You’re a man of many words.”

“I tried for a very long time,” Matty admitted.

Eventually, Sarah agreed to dinner – but then cancelled due to nervousness.

From rejection to a growing family together… (Credit: Instagram)

Alas, they rebooked. Chatting until “3 or 4 in the morning”, Matty recounted that he went in for a kiss, which Sarah Marie denied, explaining she doesn’t kiss on first dates.

After their date, Matty was thrown another curveball, where his now-wife shared that she was disappointed he didn’t try to pick up the phone and call her more.

Nevertheless, he kept persisting, inviting her to a New Year’s Eve party – which she turned down.

Reaching out again on January 2, he was met with the news that Sarah was in a relationship with another man.

Matty told Adam and Symon that he responded, “Unless you go on to marry this bloke, I’m going to be persistent.”

That, he was.

In a series of move-like events, it turned out his female pal’s ex was the guy. Reaching out to Sarah to give it his ‘last crack’, he was met with apprehension. Two weeks later, Sarah was the one to reach out – with the simple two letters he first messaged her, “Hi”.

Their second date took place on Valentine’s Day, when they shared their first kiss and, as they say, the rest is history!

WATCH: Matty Fahd wishes Sarah Marie a happy four years. Article continues after video.

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The couple married in 2018, where Matty shared that the celebrant retold this very story. Representing this struggle, he also revealed that Drake’s Started From The Bottom was one of their wedding songs!

Shortly after, they welcomed their first child, their adorable son Malik, in November 2019.

True love! (Credit: Instagram)

Their love for each other is nothing short of a fairytale. This can be seen in their frequent messages of dedication to each other.

On their anniversary in 2022, Sarah Marie wrote, “To my always and forever @matty_ef Happy anniversary 🤍🤍 you are my soul mate, an amazing father to our son Malik (and @bane_tha_bully of course), have a heart of gold and always do the best you can for our family. Blessed is not enough of a word to describe having you in my life…”

On Sarah’s birthday later that year, Matty wrote, “Sarah, it’s easy to see your beauty, it lights up a room, bouncing from wall to wall with every flash of your smile. What’s not so obvious to the people who don’t know you, is how purely good you are…Meeting you, marrying you and making life with you made me believe in good Karma…”

They welcomed their second child in May. (Credit: Instagram)

The couple welcome their second child together in 2023, a son named Lyon Sainte Fahd.

“Lyon Sainte Fahd, 09.05.23,” Sarah wrote on Instagram.

“My baby boy, you have completed us. We waited for you, we dreamt of you. Malik, your big brother has been calling your name.

“We will love you unconditionally. We will love you until the end of time. Thank you for blessing us.”

Sarah shared this picture of Lyon at 9 weeks old. (Credit: Instagram)

In the few months following his birth, the family only became more smitten with the new family member. It was easy to see Malik was in-love with his new baby brother. 

In a video shared to Instagram, Malik held on tightly to Lyon.

“Our new favourite way to start the day. Malik gets so happy to see his baby brother Lyon in the morning and i love seeing them together like this,” Sarah captioned the heart warming video.

“Please tell me this brotherly love lasts?”

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