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Ellidy Pullin pays tribute to husband ‘Chumpy’

He would be turning 36 this year, remembered by his daughter Minnie.
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Olympic snowboarder Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin is remembered by his famous wife Ellidy Pullin and daughter Minnie.

After he passed away in a spearfishing accident off Gold Coast’s Palm Beach in 2020.

He never got to meet his only child, after Ellidy retrieved his sperm posthumously, and successfully underwent IVF treatment to conceive their baby girl.

Yesterday morning El honoured Chumpy by posting a carousel of photos to celebrate what would be his 36th birthday. 

WATCH NOW: Ellidy Pullin reveals she’s carrying her late partner Alex “Chumpy” Pullin’s baby. Article continues after video.

Captioned, “Happy Birthday Chumpy in the sky❤️
I miss you, I miss us. I miss every little thing.

1. He was always O/S on his bday but we never skipped a belated cake and my weird ass decorations on the wall
2. Party time
3. Doing what we do best
4. Drunk
5. Cranky cause it’s been pissing rain on our camping trip
6. Pretending I’m not sea sick AF
7. Covid tings
8. First road trip circa 2013
9. Last road trip circa 2020
10. Not sure tbh.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Who was Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin?

Chumpy was a World Champion snowboarder, winning two World Snowboard Cross titles, plus two Overall Crystal Globes, and even seven World Cup gold medals! 

In his spare time he enjoyed spearfishing with friends, living on the edge till the very end.

(Credit: Instagram)

How did Chumpy and El meet?

Chumpy met his soulmate El in 2013, at a friend’s birthday party.

Little did they know this one party would change their lives, getting together only a couple of months later.

Not long after that they got married, being together for eight strong years and what could have last a lifetime.

(Credit: Instagram)

Does El Pullin and Alex Chumpy have a child?

Chumpy lives on, in his baby girl Minnie Alex Pullin who he never got to meet.

After Ellidy retrieved his sperm posthumously, and successfully underwent IVF treatment to conceive their baby girl.

(Credit: Instagram)

What is El and Chumpy’s dog name?

El and Chumpy shared a kelpie named Rummi (nicknamed Rum,) which El called Chumpy’s “sidekick.”

In a heart breaking moment, Rummi was waiting for his owner to come out of the water when they visited the last spot Chumpy was alive.

(Credit: Instagram)

How old is El Pullin and Chumpy’s daughter?

Chumpy’s daughter is turning two next month, telling Sunriseshe literally has his eyes.”

On her podcast Darling, Shine, she explained how Chumpy would have wanted this: “This is the biggest miracle ever… Chump is guiding this, he would want nothing more than for me to have his kid, everything just feel rights.”

(Credit: Instagram)

What is Ellidy Pullin doing now?

El Pullin has just released her memoir Heart Strong, detailing the moment her whole world stopped but Minnie started it again.

Telling her fans, “From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone in my corner, and all the beautiful strangers near and far who have wrapped me in love and support since that day, you have carried me.

(Credit: Instagram)

What is the Chumpy Pullin foundation?

The Chumpy Pullin Foundation was started last year, “honoring Chumpy’s legacy through a foundation that upholds his interests and values.” 

Raising money for young Australians to “participate and grow through sport and life.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Where does Chumpy’s wife live now?

Alex Chumpy Pullin’s wife, child and dog now live in Palm Beach, at the Gold Coast, moving closer to Chumpy’s last living location.

Chloe Chapman (a swimwear designer) also moved up to support her best friend El, “moving up here has never made more sense.”

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