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Inside Edwina Bartholomew’s family life

Edwina and Neil share two gorgeous children!
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Sunrise newsreader Edwina Bartholomew and her husband Neil Varcoe, who wed on their NSW farm in 2018, share two gorgeous children together, Molly, 4, and Thomas, 2.

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The 40-year-old met her now husband over a decade ago while working together on radio station 2GB.

The two had something special from the get-go and after six years of dating, Neil popped the question at their property in New South Wales’  Blue Mountains. The couple married in 2018, exactly one year after the proposal – the ceremony was held at the same place Neil asked Edwina to marry him.

Neil and Edwina welcomed their first child, Molly Matilda Christie Varcoe, just days before Christmas Day in 2019. Molly later became a big sister with the birth of their baby boy, Thomas Donald Elliott Varcoe, born on March 1, 2022.

Such a gorgeous family! (Credit: Instagram)

As the kids have grown up, Edwina has begun to feel a shift in her life. 

“They’re old enough now where you can focus a bit more time back on yourself – you can exercise and have more time to eat properly,” Edwin said in an interview with our sister publication TV WEEK.

“It makes such a difference, because it’s pretty full-on for those first couple of years. So it does feel like a year where I’ve found myself again.”

The Sunrise star loves to talk about her children and give insight in her life with her little ones. In 2023, she spoke with The Australian Women’s Weeklyrevealing that one of her favourite parts of being a mother is seeing their imagination flourish. 

“Molly and Tom love stories, and Neil and I are both storytellers by profession, so to be able to foster that love of the imaginary is just the greatest gift … And a sense of wonder,” she told the publication. 

“It starts as a sense of wonder about the small things at this age, and it becomes a sense of wonder about the world, a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness that will carry them both through their entire lives.”

Molly is such a good big sister. (Credit: Instagram)

Edwina, Neil, and the kids seem to be the perfect family, however, it’s fair to say the couple have a different approach to parenting and their lasting marriage…

The two have been sleeping in separate beds for over seven years – however, she recently revealed that they have even begun sleeping in separate homes. “My husband lives three hours away, and it’s fantastic,” Eddy revealed in a chat with Stellar.

She has said that this arrangement helps her value the time they do spend together and with their kids and is surprisingly something that “really works.” 

“It feels like a Love Actually airport reunion every time we come together with a slow-motion embrace and those newlywed feels,” she said.

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