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Eddie McGuire’s wife and sons are his biggest supporters

The private family seems as tight-knit as ever.
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While many are across Eddie McGuire’s professional career –  from his presenting roles, football commentary, and journalism – little is known about his personal life.

As well as being most known for the now-defunct Millionaire Hot Seat which he hosted for 14 years, Eddie is a devoted husband and father to his wife, Carla, and his two sons, Alexander and Joseph.

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The presenter married Carla Galloway in 1997 at St Peters Church, Toora, Victoria. The couple welcomed their first son, Alexander, in 2001 and their second son, Joseph, in 2003.

With a very private marriage, not much is known about the intricacies of their relationship. In fact, one of the few times that information was made public resulted in a surprise being spoilt for the journalist.

According to the Herald Sun, to mark Eddie’s 50th birthday, Carla sent around an email to their friends asking for their favourite quotations to compile in a book, but her surprise was unfortunately leaked to the press.

Eddie is married to Carla. (Credit: Getty)

As for their kids, Eddie’s eldest, Alexander, seemed to follow in his father’s footsteps by entering the entertainment industry.

Back in 2016, it was announced that Alexander (otherwise known as Xander) had landed a role in popular Australian soap, Neighbours, as Charlie Hoyland – the eldest son of controversial character, Steph Scully. The actor was in the role from 2016 to 2018.

Neighbours has been such a big part of Australian television and has launched so many careers. I’m really excited,” Xander said at the time, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The actor went on to describe his on-screen family, saying that they were much different to his home life.  

“Marriage, stepchildren, battled cancer, had a son, was stabbed, sent to prison for manslaughter, and followed this up with a kidnapping — and I thought I had an interesting family in real life!”

Eddie and Carla share two sons, Alexander and Joseph. (Credit: Getty)

Speaking to News Corp about his eldest’s sons gig, Eddie sang Xander’s praises, revealing the touching full-circle moment he experienced as a father.

“We parked in exactly the same spot where my dad parked when he took me out to Channel 10 for my interview (with then news director) David Johnston when I went for a job interview at age 17,” Eddie said, according to the SMH.

“I laughed and thought it might be a lucky omen for (Xander).”

The former Nine CEO went on to say that he was “not going to be a stage dad” when it came to the young actor. “He did all this on his own and on merit.”

In June 2022, Xander landed a highly coveted gig as a sports reporter for the Channel Nine news team in Melbourne, off the back of an internship at the network.  

Joe in action in Ohio (Credit: Instagram)

As for Joe, the talented sporting superstar has made the move to the USA where he will play in one of the country’s leading gridiron (NFL) teams at Ohio State University. 

Known as the Buckeyes, Joe could be playing in front of crowds of over 100,000 diehard football fans.

While Eddie proudly remains in his sons’ corners, it’s clear that the support is reciprocated as it was his boys who convinced him not to quit as Collingwood president in 2018.

Prior to stepping down as president in 2021, after a report highlighted the worrying culture of systemic racism within the club, Eddie was apparently considering relinquishing his role leading up to the organisation’s 125th anniversary.

For the most part, the family seem to live their life outside of the public eye. (Credit: Getty)

According to the Herald Sun, Eddie was devastated after Collingwood suffered a shock loss to Carlton and was struggling to deliver a speech at the anniversary function.

“I stood there, and for the one time in my life, I couldn’t think of anything to say,” the presenter said. “I was so shattered … everyone was. I was wondering if I had anything left to give.”

But Eddie’s pessimism was soon quashed by his teenage sons.

“The boys gave it to me. They said: ‘C’mon Dad, what are you talking about?’”

They may have a private family life, but from the small glimpses we see, it seems as though the McGuires stick together no matter what.

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