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Brooke Blurton reveals REAL reasons behind split with Darvid Garayeli

"I picked someone who I probably wouldn't actually ever approach ever."
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Brooke Blurton has spilled the beans on what really ended her relationship with Darvid Garayeli seven months on from their split.

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Speaking to fellow Bachelorette star Angie Kent on Angie’s podcast, Two Girls One Pod, which she shares with best friend Yvie Jones, Brooke revealed what really went down when filming of her 2021 season wrapped.

“I just with that I had different coloured glasses, instead of rose-coloured glasses,” Brooke revealed.

“I feel like I wish I had my people around me to support me through it … Because I picked someone who I probably wouldn’t actually ever approach ever.”

Though she chose Darvid as her winner, the couple split just months later in the early days of 2022.

“I needed someone who understood me as a person.” (Credit: 10)

“I am a First Nations woman who grew up in country and then was disconnected bouncing from home to home. I’ve got a lot of complex trauma and a lot of, I guess, issues,” Brooke continued.

“I needed someone who understood me as a person and you don’t get to explore that in six to nine weeks or whatever it is.

“I needed someone who is a little bit more of a deeper thinker or a bit more emotionally mature and has kind of their s— together.”

Though the reality TV star did confirm that she didn’t regret her choice to begin a relationship with Darvid.

“I don’t regret the choice,” Brooke said of choosing Darvid. (Credit: Instagram)

“I don’t regret the choice. I feel like you’re just so in it,” she revealed.

However, she said she wished she’d had more girls on her season, which was the first to feature both men and women as contestants, given Brooke is bisexual.

“And in all honesty, I partly wish that I had more options for girls, because I would have, you know, I think the men that it chose were more like, too masculine for me,” she said.

“Like I like a soft femme guy, like someone who’s a bit more emotionally mature and a bit more intuitive.”

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Brooke and Darvid began a relationship at the end of her season of The Bachelorette, but a few days later, it had been revealed that Brooke’s older sister had passed away in Brooke’s home state, Western Australia.

Brooke and Darvid could not be together at the time, given they had to keep their relationship a secret while the show was airing.

Darvid moved in with Brooke once their finale aired, but the couple then split little more than a month afterwards.

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