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Why Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding’s relationship almost didn’t last

They have had a few ups and downs.
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Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding are officially engaged! So let’s take a look back at their love story.

Andy proposed to Bec at the end of April 2024 – more on that here.

The comedian and business owner met in a Melbourne cafe back in 2014 and, after a few hiccups, have gone from strength to strength as time has moved forward. 

Flash forward to January 2015, the two made their public debut at the Australian Open after dating out of the public eye for quite some time. However, from here, it wasn’t always an easy run for the loved-up couple. 

Since the beginning, Andy warned Rebecca about the pressure and challenges of being in the public eye… the two even broke up for a period of time earlier in their relationship.

Fans were so happy to see the two back together after they attended the 2017 Logies Awards. (Credit: Getty)

In August 2016, Andy told his co-host Hamish Blake during a segment on his radio show that the two had “broke up a little while ago,” later sharing that life in the public eye had taken its toll on Bec.

Her relationship with Andy allegedly left her to question whether aspects of her life, like her career and her friends, were a result of who she was dating. 

Andy was left pining after her and tried to win her back. His efforts proved successful and the two got back together just six months after their split. Their relationship proved to be stronger than the first time around and Andy ended up taking Bec to the TV WEEK Logies in April 2017.

Andy and Bec first moved in together in 2017. Three years later, they revealed that they had purchased a beautiful home in the Mornington Peninsula, however, it was unclear when the major purchase was made and when they moved in. 

They just ADORE little Henri! (Credit: Instagram)

Their beach house proved to be a big project for the two. During this time, they welcomed a new member to the family… their adorable dog Henrietta.

But Andy and Bec didn’t stop there with their renovation projects!

In 2021 they purchased ANOTHER home, an 1876-built Italianate mansion in Hawthorn worth $8.5 million. Andy later mentioned in a Sydney Morning Herald interview that the house had “no running water, no bathroom [and] no kitchen”.

“It’s one hell of an undertaking, but renovations are good for relationships, right?” he joked.

They post regularly about their property and their progress… they even have an Instagram page specifically for their home.

Andy and Bec travel together all the time. (Credit: Instagram)

Are Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding married?

Not yet, but as of April 2024 they are engaged!

For years engagement rumours have been swirling about these two, and the couple were clearly aware of the chatter as upon announcing the news they wrote: “People keep saying we’ve rushed into this but we don’t care what people say! 💍.”

Andy’s proposal, with a dazzling ring no less, also paid homage to how they first met. More on that here.

We are so excited to see these two head down the aisle! Stay tuned for more details about the nuptials.

What is the age gap between Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding?

Andy and Rebecca have a nine-year age gap. Andy was born in May 1981, while Rebecca was born in May 1990. The pair often share sweet birthday tributes to each other on Instagram, melting our hearts every time.

“Wherever we are in the world, in rain, sun and snow… you’re my favourite person. Happy Birthday @rebeccalharding xx Love you 😘,” Andy wrote to Rebecca in an Instagram post back in 2022.

Andy previously revealed in an interview with Good Weekend magazine that he doesn’t “see the age difference at all, except when she doesn’t understand Back to the Future quotes”.

andy-lee rebecca-harding
They always look so happy! (Credit: Instagram)

Do Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding have children?

Andy and Rebecca do not have any children, and it’s possible that growing a family may not be in the cards for these two.

“I’ve gone through times where I thought I would, and then I’ve definitely gone through patches of feeling, ‘I don’t think I want this at all’. We’ll see,” Andy said on Mamamia’s No Filter podcast. 

“One thing I do love about not currently having kids is how available I am to my family. My mum, my dad and I were down at the beach house the other day and they said, ‘When are you going to start a family?’

“And I said, ‘You realise you wouldn’t be here in this beach house if I had my own family and kids’. I think I spend so much time with them because of [being child-free].”

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