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Everything to know about MasterChef judge Andy Allen’s unexpected relationship

She had no idea who he was.
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It was simpler times in 2012 when Andy Allen took the MasterChef Australia title, and the former Newcastle-based electrician had no idea the win would lead to his future fiancée Alex Davey.

Andy has gone on to become a judge on the reinvigorated version of MasterChef and owes the show much of his professional and personal success.

However, there was a risk that taking on the program would hurt his relationship.

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How did Andy Allen meet his wife? 

In an interview with our sister publication TV WEEK, Andy spilled details about how he met Alex at a party.

However, it wasn’t until someone told her where he was from that she even knew who he was.

“When we met, she had no idea who I was,” he explained.

“We were both at a party just after I won, and a few people were talking about it. She kept saying, ‘You won MasterChef?’ She thought it was a joke,” Andy shared with the publication.

Not knowing who Andy was may have been a recipe for their success as the chef could be sure that she was interested in him for the right reasons.

Alex Davey and Andy Allen. (Credit: Instagram)

When did Allen Allen start dating his wife?

The night the two met was not to eventuate in love, at least initially.

In fact, a few years went past until the two finally crossed each other’s paths again, and this time the judge made sure to ask her out.

Luckily, they were both single after all that time because they would be ready to spend forever together four years later.

“She thought it was a joke.” (Credit: Instagram)

When did Andy Allen propose to his girlfriend?

Four years after reuniting, Andy popped the question, and as one expects, the chef was scared Alex might reject him.

In an interview with TV Week, he explained in detail how he went about his international proposal in New Zealand.

Andy recounted how he’d barely left Melbourne Airport when the nerves started to hit him because he was worried going through security would give away his plans.

Clearly, the judge had never travelled with jewellery before or perhaps the nerves faded his better judgement.

“I was so scared about the ring going off in the scanner at the airport and having to drop down on one knee and propose in front of the security guards,” Andy told the publication.

Even though Andy successfully evaded any slip-ups while the couple travelled to New Zealand, the chef ran into some bad luck once they entered the country.

“I drove down to what I was told was a nice secluded beach,” Andy explains. “But when we got there, there were more than 300 people on the beach, and the only free spot I could find was next to a couple of 16-year-olds violently pashing. It was the least romantic spot ever!”

Alex couldn’t stop crying when he proposed. (Credit: Instagram)

In an attempt to save the moment, Andy made the swift decision to ask Alex to take a walk with him, and when they found an intimate spot, he decided to get down on one nervous knee.

Despite his insecurities about her answer, he was welcomed by an emotional outburst from Alex as she, perhaps, too gleefully reacted to the news.

The only thing is she forgot to actually give Andy an answer.

“She was so shocked, she basically collapsed on my shoulder,” Andy said. “I pretty much had to ask her if it was a ‘yes’. She was very shocked.”

The couple on holiday in the city of love. (Credit: Instagram)

Have Andy and Alex had to face relationship hurdles?

It is easy to assume that being asked to become a judge on a show you once won years before would be an incredibly complimentary offer.

However, for Andy, it posed a risk to his relationship.

Before he confirmed with the show that he would be joining Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo, he needed to have an important conversation with Alex.

Alex is based in Sydney, and because MasterChef is filmed in Melbourne, it meant that the couple would have to agree to attempt long-distance and make it work.

“Alex is in Sydney and I’m in Melbourne for filming, so we had to talk about how we would make long-distance work.

“But we were both so excited about the opportunity that we knew we could get through anything together.”

When faced with this challenge, Andy decided to reach out to his former mentor and ex MasterChef judge, Matt Preston, for advice.

Matt spoke candidly with Andy about how he can best juggle his relationship and the demanding MasterChef film schedule.

Andy recalled how Matt basically told him the only way to make it work is always to find time for each other.

“He said it can be hard with filming, and to make sure I set aside days to have a long weekend with Alex and time away from the set,” said Andy.

Cuties! (Credit: Instagram)

Who else has Andy dated?

Way back in 2013 to 2016, Andy was linked to Home and Away star Charlotte Best, who played Annie Campbell on the show.

Although the couple was mostly private about their relationship in 2015, Annie and Andy opened up their love for one another in an interview with our sister publication ELLE.

They spoke about meeting on a blind date that went wrong but did not get in the way of the two becoming inseparable.

“We both travel separately for work but are also very lucky to get to travel together a lot. Downtime is stagnant in both our careers and so far we have been able to make it work really well,” Charlotte said.

It appears Andy has a thing for women who can’t cook because, in their interview, he ousted Charlotte for being useless in the kitchen.

“Charlotte has caused herself to be locked out of the kitchen on numerous occasions. She’s hopeless. Sh-t hits the fan, literally. Char just bought me a pasta-making machine, so I’d say my signature dish (at the moment), is pasta” he said.

Both parties have remained silent about the reasons for their split.

A romantic getaway in Europe. (Credit: Instagram)

Does Andy Allen cook with his wife?

As the saying goes, opposites attract, and while that may not always be true, most of the time, balance keeps relationships healthy.

Obviously, Andy has a deep love and appreciation for the art of cooking, but according to the renowned cook, his future wife doesn’t have culinary chops.

Andy spilled to TV WEEK, “She’ll hate me saying this, but Alex flat out can’t cook.

“It’s very much a case of opposites attract on that front. Of course, we have the same morals and values, but she doesn’t cook.”

Considering that having the same values and morals are essential ingredients for a strong relationship, Andy will be just fine that Alex may not know how to make a risotto.

Young and in love. (Credit: Instagram)

When did Andy Allen get married?

In October 2022, the couple sealed the deal with a luxurious wedding at the historic Terrara House in Southern New South Wales. 

Guests included the likes of Magdalena Roze and her husband Darren Robertson, Melissa Leong and her boyfriend Rob Mason, and even former Bachelor alum Cat Henesey-Smith.

The lovebirds then went on to enjoy a luxurious honeymoon at Huka Lodge in Taupo, New Zealand.

Awwww, what a dream! (Credit: Instagram)

In October 2023, the lovebirds celebrated one year of marriage, Andy penning a sweet tribute to his wife on his Instagram. 

“One. Year. Today. There’s ups and downs like any marriage, but being next to you makes everything okay. ❤️ @alexxandra.allen,” wrote Andy.

Alexandra also shared numerous BTS snaps of their special day on her Instagram stories, reminiscing on the happiest day of her life.  

“One year ago today I clipped a wedding ring onto this mangled finger and married this natty wine-loving cutie @andyallencooks,” she shared. 

…”and married this natty-wine loving cutie @andyallencooks” wrote Alexandra. (Credit: Instagram)

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