Asher Keddie: My big baby surprise!

The Offspring star talks baby no. 2

Her son Valentino may only be 16 months old, but Offspring star Asher Keddie is already talking about baby number two!

Describing motherhood as ‘fantastic’, the award-winning actress says she is leaving her next bundle of joy with husband Vincent Fantauzzo to fate.

‘I like surprises and Valentino was a surprise. I don’t close doors very often so we’ll just see,’ Asher, 41, tells InStyle.

‘I do have an Italian husband who loves children, but with work at the moment… I’m just so focused on jumping back into it.’

And while proud mum Asher says her son is a ‘sweet, affectionate, happy little thing’, she admits her foray into motherhood hasn’t always been easy.

‘It’s full of challenges and it’s a rollercoaster, emotionally and physically, and there’s no point in lying about that because it is. It was challenging, but it was also the most full of love any time has ever felt for me,’ she reveals.  ‘I wasn’t expecting it to give me so much purpose.’

Asher with her husband Vincent. Credit: Getty

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