Bachelorette’s Angie and Carlin show off ripped bodies

They look fantastic!
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Carlin Sterritt and Angie Kent haven’t lost their TV glamour since wrapping up filming for The Bachelorette. The couple took to Instagram to flaunt their shapely physiques during their Vietnam holiday.

WATCH: Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt get physical on Vietnam holiday

Carlin, who is a personal trainer, posted a photo with his new beau, with the caption:

Couples who train together… will most likely be hitting the bar together.”

Angie looked fit and fab in her neon orange bike shorts and singlet, while a shirtless Carlin showed off his broad shoulders and washboard abs.

Taking to Instagram stories, the former Bachelorette shared a video of herself working out with Carlin. She poked fun at her boyfriend by twerking using the dumbbells and launched into a series of air punches while Carlin cheered her on.

Angie Kent Carlin Sterritt body Vietnam
Carlin Sterritt put his personal training skills to use with Angie Kent on their Vietnam holiday. (Credit: Instagram)

On Carlin’s story, he appeared to be doing what he does best by motivating his girlfriend to work out. As Angie marched on the treadmill, Carlin said “Walk on the treadmill if you love me.”

Angie appeared to jokingly stumble, causing Carlin’s smile to drop.

Angie Kent Carlin Sterritt body Vietnam
Angie Kent wiped the smile of Carlin Sterritt’s face while on the treadmill during their Vietnam holiday. (Credit: Instagram)

During the show, Angie doubted Carlin Sterritt’s intentions after his own brother admitted he was only there to “boost his acting career”. However, now it seems that the tables have turned on the Bachelorette.

In exclusive screenshots obtained by New Idea from a group chat among former contestants of the show, a number of the boys appear to question Angie’s motives, claiming she only went on the show to boost her own celebrity profile.

“I have mutual friends with her and asked my mates and they said she’s nothing like what you see,” one wrote. “I’m sure he [Carlin] is [on there for love]. But she isn’t.”

“She only wants fame …,” another added.

Angie Kent Carlin Sterritt body Vietnam
Since The Bachelorette ended, Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt have faced rumours their relationship is not genuine. (Credit: Channel 10)

Since filming, a number of the contestants have also questioned Angie’s intentions for signing up to be the Bachelorette.

“She was jobless before the show, she wasn’t allowed back on Gogglebox, she was doing nothing after I’m A Celeb,” they said. “Now coincidentally, she’s releasing a book. This whole thing is a publicity stunt for her to get more famous.”

“She is just climbing that ladder of fame.”

Angie Kent Carlin Sterritt body Vietnam
Angie Kent chose Carlin Sterritt in The Bachelorette 2019. (Credit: Channel Ten)

However, Angie has insisted from the very beginning she only had one motivation – to find true love. And if their romantic getaway to Vietnam is anything to go by, the spark between Angie and Carlin is genuine.

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