US report: Angelina Jolie hit by new health crisis

The actress' face may be her fortune but she might not be able to bank on the future

Angelina Jolie is reportedly suffering a new health crisis that’s causing her face to “collapse,” America’s The National Enquirer is sensationally reporting in its latest issue.

Sources tell the publication that the Bell’s Palsy she spoke about earlier this year could potentially mar the 42-year-old actress’ beautiful features.

“Angie’s friends are saying that she’s terrified this could end her career,” says The Enquirer’s source.

And top New York internist, Dr. Stuart Fischer, said it’s “the worst condition possible for anyone who relies on their looks to make a living.”

“It’s a definite nerve condition,” added Dr. Fischer, who doesn’t treat the star himself. “Angelina’s current marital and health problems are likely responsible for this condition. It can be triggered by stress – and she’s seen plenty of it in her life.”

Bell’s palsy is the last thing Angelina wanted to happen to her following the negative reaction she got after splitting with Brad Pitt.

“She built her empire on playing a gorgeous leading lady, and as brutal as it is, those roles will dry up if her beautiful face is changed in any way,” adds the source.



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