Alex Perry’s epic body transformation

The fashion designer flaunts his new muscular physique

When you hear Alex Perry, you think of exquisite gowns and high-class fashion, not muscles that would make a body-builder envious.

But, that’s exactly what fans were thinking when Alex flaunted his new ripped physique on Instagram.

Wearing a muscle tank and tiny shorts, Alex, showed off the results of his gym sessions and fans are shocked at the designer’s muscular appearance.


Alex has been working of his body transformation for some time, regularly posting pictures of his training sessions at the gym.

‘Going to the gym and working out just keeps me in peak physical and mental condition for whatever I’m faced with in the fashion industry,’ he previously told SBS.

It appears that his hard work has paid off, because the designer is rocking his best body yet. But, Alex has admitted in the past that staying fit isn’t always easy.

Alex Perry
Alex’s new buff body is a far cry from his leaner physique back in 2014. (Credit: Getty Images)

After the initial year of going to the gym, I grew to hate it and I had to drag myself there,” he admitted to the publication. ‘But I really enjoy it now.’

To keep his body in top shape and avoid what he describes as ‘the middle-aged spread’, Alex works with trainer, Billy Kokinos and has adopted a healthy diet regime.

Despite regularly working out, the designer admitted that he saw the biggest change in his body after he changed his diet.


Sticking to a clean diet through the week, Alex still likes to indulge on the weekend.

‘I might fancy some spanikopita or a piece of apple pie during the week,’ he revealed to SBS. ‘But I wait until the weekend to enjoy it.’

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