Ada Nicodemou on motherhood and loving Adam Rigby

The star is happier than ever!
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There’s one thing Ada Nicodemou, wants everyone to know – she’s not perfect.

The beloved actress may be kicking goals in her career, notching up an impressive 18 years as Leah on Seven’s Home and Away.

She’s also head over heels in love with her boyfriend, millionaire Adam Rigby, and loves her role as mum of 6-year-old Johnas. 

Not to mention the 41-year-old sports a six-pack thanks to her amazing body makeover with WHO earlier this year. 

Nicodemou admits from the outside it may look like she “has it all,” but the undeniably sexy star is just like the rest of us.


Are you a strict mum?

Yeah, I’m a strict mum. I give him a lot of love and he knows he’s safe, but that’s my job. He needs boundaries. 

Now that he’s at school does it make things easier with your schedule?

No, it’s harder because pick-up and drop-off are set hours! And his homework, and there’s activities. I swear, the first year of school, you do feel like a bad mother. I’m one of those [mums] like, “What? School photos?” I literally took him to school photos in his sports uniform when he was meant to be in his other uniform. He hadn’t had a haircut.


How do you find time for yourself between being a mum and working full-time?

I’ve always been a strong believer of at least doing one nice thing for yourself every day. If I’m not happy, then I’m not going to be a good partner or a good mum and I’m not going to be happy and productive at work.

And I love exercising. I’m one of those sick people that if I could work out three times a day, I would. I actually really love working out. Like, I go on holidays and I work out.

Would you say you’re a lot more confident now than ever before? 
Absolutely. I honestly feel like the older I get, the more confident I feel.


This article originally appeared on WHO

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