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The $25 Nail Hack Every Busy Mum Needs To Know About

Nailed it.

Being a busy mum often means sacrificing those little moments of self-care, like a relaxing trip to the nail salon. But what if you could achieve a salon-worthy manicure from the comfort of your own home, in minutes, and for a fraction of the price? DIY gel nail stickers are the answer. And it’s proven to be the ultimate hack for busy mums who crave chip-free, fabulous nails.

(Image credit: Sunday Nails)

What are gel nail stickers?

As the name suggests, these are nail stickers that are created with gel nail polish that you can simply peel and stick to your own nails within a matter of seconds.

Are gel nail stickers safe?

Gel nail stickers, like these ones from Sunday Nails, use a safe, non-toxic gel that’s gentle on your natural nails. Plus, unlike traditional acrylics, there’s no harsh application process or damage to your nail bed.

Image credit: Sunday Nails (supplied)

How long do gel nail stickers last?

Unlike regular polish, which chips after a day, gel nail stickers generally last a lot longer. Sunday Nails gel nail stickers can stay put for a stunning 2-3 weeks, even with busy schedules. This means busy mums can enjoy beautiful nails through endless diaper changes, school runs, and all the other adventures mum-life throws your way.

So, if you want to have stunning nails 24/7 sans the expensive (and time-consuming) trip to the nail salon, gel nail stickers are the ultimate hack you need in your life – stat.

Our favourite gel nail stickers to shop


Cloudy Day semi-cured gel nail sticker kit

$21.68 (usually $25.50) at Sunday nails

You’ll see nail designs very similar to this one on all the pages on Pinterest and Instagram—and now it can be yours. This cloud design gel nail sticker kit from Sunday Nails is too cute not to add to your cart!



Mini Hearts semi cured gel nail sticker set

$25.50 at Sunday Nails

For those who love a minimal de sign when it comes to nail art, this mini-heart design is the perfect match. 



Aurora semi cured gel nail sticker kit

$22.95 (usually $25.50) at Sunday Nails

We love the subtle shimmery accents in this gel nail sticker design, and when it’s so easy to apply (perhaps when the kids are down and you *finally* have some time to watch your favourite show), why wouldn’t you? 


Lead image: Sunday Nails via Instagram 

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