Bindi and Robert Irwin commemorate Steve and Terri’s anniversary

"A love like this is eternal."
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Sunday, June 4 marked Steve and Terri Irwin’s 31st wedding anniversary. Holding a special place in many Australians’ hearts, the family have continued to live out the legacy of their love for Steve.

This is certainly evident when it comes to their children, Bindi and Robert Irwin. The 24-year-old and 19-year-old never fail to memorialise their parent’s everlasting love.

WATCH: Bindi Irwin shares heartful tribute to her parents for their 31st engagement anniversary. Article continues after video.  

To commemorate this special day, the siblings have taken to social media to share tributes to the love their parents shared.

Bindi shared a sunny throwback snap. (Credit: Instagram)

Throwing back to a beach-side moment, Bindi shared the heart-warming sentiment, “A love like this is eternal. Happy Anniversary to my extraordinary parents. ❤️”

Robert shared an adorable picture of his parents at work. (Credit: Instagram)

Similarly, Robert shared a cute Australia Zoo couples photo with the caption, “Happy wedding anniversary Mum and Dad. Forever my biggest inspirations ❤️”

On her personal Twitter, Terri responded to her children’s gorgeous messages with meaningful words of her own.

“It makes me happy to remember this special day,” she wrote to Bindi.

“It’s been an incredible 31 years since that special day,” she wrote to Robert.

The Irwin children echoed these very same sentiments for their parents’ 31st engagement anniversary in February. 

Bindi shared a beautiful photo of her parents. (Credit: Instagram)

Bindi posted a throwback photo of her father hugging Terri and their dog Sui on the grounds of Australia Zoo.

“Best friends. Soul mates. True love.❤️ The most incredible parents. And of course, Sui,” Bindi captioned the post.

Similar to his sister, Robert also shared a picture of his parents with the caption, “It was on this day 31 years ago that my parents got engaged and set in motion what would become a legacy larger than life. I love my mum and dad so much… I’m proud to be their son ❤️.”

Robert also shared a heartfelt tribute to his parents. (Credit: Instagram)

Commenters flocked to both posts to express their condolences for the siblings, while also sharing the impact the late Steve had on their lives. 

Your dad was the reason I love animals and have adopted them throughout my life,” one wrote.

To celebrate the “soulmate” connection between the Irwin parents, Terri also shared a post of her own on Twitter.

Terri shared her own post to comemorate her engagement anniversary. (Credit: Twitter)

“It was 31 years ago today that Steve asked, and I said “Yes!”. We were soulmates, best friends, and worked together on a mission of wildlife conservation. Best of all we had lots of fun!” she wrote.

Through their work at Australia Zoo, the Irwin family continue to honour Steve every day.

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