9yo Perth boy battling brain cancer dies

Oshin Kiszko was at the centre of a legal battle over his treatment.
9yo Perth boy battling brain cancer dies

The little boy whose parents opposed his cancer treatment has died.


Oshin Kiszko, 6, died peacefully in his mother’s arms on Wednesday morning.


His mother released a statement to 7 News in Perth saying: 'My love Oshin took his last breaths peacefully as I lay cuddling him at 2am this morning.


'Oshin’s journey has been extraordinarily traumatising for him and I am grateful he no longer needs to suffer through this nightmare.'


Oshin was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour last year.


Controversially his parents, Angela Kiszko and Adrian Strachan, chose quality of life for their son, opting out of treatment.


A court order in March forced Oshin to undergo radiotherapy, however; in September a judge ruled he should be moved to palliative care instead of being forced into treatment.


Angela posted an emotional tribute to her son on social media, news.com.au reports.


'How do I truly let go of my love, my only son Oshin,' she said.


'It took me a process of weeks just to say the words ‘that it’s OK for you to go and it’s OK for you to say for I will love you beyond forever, more than to the moon, around all the stars, around the Earth and back to my heart’.'