Kidnapped woman Sherri Papini finally comes out of hiding

The missing jogger is pictured for the first time since she vanished
Kidnapped woman Sherri Papini finally comes out of hiding

Sherri Papini has been pictured in public for the first time with her family in Redding, California.


It’s been over two months since the 34-year-old was mysteriously found on the side of a highway after she was abducted while jogging near her home three weeks earlier.


The mother-of-two claims she was held captive by two Hispanic women on November 2, during which time she was beaten, chained up and starved.


But photographed outside her house on the weekend with husband Keith and their two young children, Tyler, 4 and Violet, 2, Sherri appeared a shell of her former self.


With her blonde hair, which was reportedly chopped off by her captors, hidden beneath her baseball cap, and a much slighter frame, she was barely recognisable as she walked to the family garage.

Despite Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko maintaining that the investigation remains a “top priority,” no arrests have been made on the case.


Sherri told authorities that her kidnappers pushed her out of a SUV with a bag over her head and a chain around her waist on the day she was released. A motorist then found her and called 911.


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