Sylvia Jeffreys jokes about co-star's manhood

The conversation went south this morning
Sylvia Jeffreys jokes about co-star's manhood
Channel 9

Sylvia Jeffrey’s was left red-faced after her quick-witted response to a story about her Today co-star’s ‘manhood’.


The conversation headed south when sports presenter Cameron Williams over shared a story about a time he accidentally dropped his bath towel.


'When I bent down to pick up the towel and stood back up in the mirror, a little old man was standing there - it shocked me that was me,' he said.

Sylvia quickly responded: 'Because it was a 'little' old man?' 


Her response left the rest of the panel in stitches.


Sylvia recently became engaged to journalist Peter Stefanovic while on holidays in Europe.


Peter shared the news on his Instagram page in July. 'Asked my missus to be my wife and she said yes,' he wrote in the caption.


Sylvia told to her Today colleagues, 'We ended up in some vineyards, having drunk so much wine.'


She added: 'He tricked me into taking some photographs and then I turned around and there he was, on one knee.'