MKR’s Nelly Riggio hits back at the haters

Adriano Zumbo’s new girlfriend stands up to the critics
MKR’s Nelly Riggio hits back at the haters

Former My Kitchen Rules contestant Nelly Riggio has lashed out at the criticism that’s come her way since her new relationship with celebrity chef Adriano Zumbo was revealed.

The reason many have gotten so up in arms over the union is that when Nelly appeared on MKR last year, she competed with her long-term boyfriend JP Huillet. On the show the couple were labelled the ‘lovebirds’ of the season and up until a few months ago, the two seemed to be going strong.

So when Nelly and Adriano went public with their relationship on a romantic trip in the Maldives over the New Year period, many questioned Nelly’s motives in dating the dessert chef.

As it turns out, JP and Nelly ended things last year but that hasn’t stopped people on social media from airing their thoughts.

‘Fame can do weird things to ppl,’ one Instagram user wrote on a loved up picture of Nelly and Adriano. ‘Maybe she’s just fake fake fake…Did you see that clip of her drinking a shot then wearing like a sailor – b*tch is FAKE!!!!’

After seeing this comment, Nelly couldn’t hold back and immediately responded.

‘Firstly, I’m not famous. Secondly, damn girl get a life.’

Nelly’s response comes after JP spoke out about his ex’s new love when he wished them ‘nothing but the best.’