Margot Robbie’s bizarre secret

“I think it must be an Aussie thing.”
Margot Robbie’s bizarre secret
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It’s no secret that he’s brushed shoulders with some of Australia’s biggest names in Hollywood.


But Will Smith has revealed he’s noticed something strange about all his Aussie co-stars – they don’t often shed tears.  


Speaking with The Project, the Collateral Beauty star disclosed that Margot Robbie, Joel Edgerton and Jai Courtney aren’t big on public displays of emotion.


“In the last year I have gained a lot of Australian friends, Margot Robbie doesn’t cry a lot… I’ve noticed that,” he said.


“I’m working with Joel Edgerton now. He told me he doesn’t cry. Jai Courney… I think it must be an Aussie thing.”


Robbie, 26, Courtney, 30 and 48-year-old Smith starred in Suicide Squad together in 2016.  


The actor will also be appearing in the upcoming Netflix sci-fi movie Bright, alongside 42-year-old Edgerton.  


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