Madeleine West’s Neighbours return sends fans into a frenzy

Her character returns from the dead 13 years after leaving the show
Madeleine West’s Neighbours return sends fans into a frenzy

In the season return for Neighbours, Dee Bliss, played by Madeleine West, made her shock return.

After weeks of hype leading up to the return of the beloved soap, Madeleine West’s character appeared for the first time in 13 years in Toadie, her former husband’s dream.

Fans went into overdrive upon Dee’s return with many of them taking to social media to air their excitement.

‘#Neighbours was so good tonight!! Love the new look and got goosebumps on that opening scene with Dee in the dream!’ one happy fan wrote on Twitter.

‘Toadie dreaming about Dee is what I’m here for. Gimme Dee Bliss already #Neighbours,’ another fan added.


Dee and Toadie on their wedding day

Dee’s return to the show has been one of great interest ever since it was announced in September, with producers using it as a tool to bring back fans who haven’t tuned in for years.

Fans are intrigued as to how producers will fit Dee back into the show after she was lost at sea on her wedding day to Toadie. Some fans even went so far as to call out Neighbours.

‘What if Dee Bliss is still dead and Neighbours is just taking the piss?’

On last night’s show, after dreaming about Dee, Toadie (Ryan Maloney) hired a private investigator to find Dee after his brother spotted her in Colac, Victoria.