Karl Stefanovic caught up in celeb AVO scandal

Stefanovic and Anthony Bell have had a “huge falling out”
Karl Stefanovic caught up in celeb AVO scandal

Celebrity accountant Anthony Bell has had a “huge falling out” with friend and former client, Karl Stefanovic, a close source to the pair has claimed.


The Sydney to Hobart Skipper is currently subject to an interim AVO after allegations that he pushed his TV presenter wife, Kelly Landry.


But according to a friend of the couple, Bell has now had an argument with Today show host and former client, Stefanovic.


Karl has brushed him, they’ve had a huge falling out,” the source told The Daily Telegraph.


“Belly talks about being this powerful guy and tried to wield this stick but has no pull whatsoever.” 


“Belly is one of those guys who promises the world and brings them an atlas… and a hefty invoice to boot,” the source continued.


Before the disagreement Stefanovic and Bell had been spotted out and about together at various events, along with mutual friend Michael Clarke.


Their “falling out” is understood to be unrelated to the AVO order against Bell, which prohibits him from going near his wife for 12 hours after drinking alcohol or taking illicit drugs.


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