George Michael's boyfriend lashes out at shock claims

The hairstylist breaks his silence
George Michael's boyfriend lashes out at shock claims
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George Michael’s beleaguered Aussie boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, has lashed out following growing questions about the nature of his relationship with the late pop superstar.


Following claims in the UK newspaper The Sun yesterday that George had attempted to get rid of Fadi in the months before his mysterious passing, the London-based hairstylist has returned to Twitter to vent his anger.


‘Lies. Time you believed in love,’ he wrote, posting a link The Sun’s story. He also posted - in an apparent message to George - 'You left me to a world where i am only meant to Cry.'


With Fadi himself describing their relationship as ‘very complicated’, sources close to the pop star told The Sun that George wanted Fadi gone.


‘On more than one occasion George told Fadi he no longer wanted to see him, but each time they would find themselves back in touch,’ a family source tells the paper.


‘George was so kind and generous, but he said to me many times that his biggest weakness was he could never say no to anything — sex, drugs — he had that sort of personality.


‘In many ways he was quite a vulnerable person, because he always said yes. He never stood his ground.’


Believed to have been estranged for around 18 months, it was Fadi, 40, who found George’s lifeless body in bed on Christmas Day.


The exact cause of the 53-year-old’s death is still unknown, with the initial autopsy proving to be inconclusive.