BREAKING: Seven Year Switch’s Cassie doesn’t look like this anymore

You have to see her amazing body transformation
BREAKING: Seven Year Switch’s Cassie doesn’t look like this anymore

If you’re after some body inspiration for the New Year – this is exactly what you need!

Always one to share her progress and thoughts, the gorgeous mother- of-three, Cassie has updated her Instagram followers with her post-baby body.

Six months since she gave birth to her youngest daughter, Mena Lee, Cassie has showcased her incredible figure – with a picture which is sure to inspire her followers – revealing she looks this way because of hard work at the gym.

‘4 months of training, 2 months of series training. So much change.’

When New Idea spoke to Cassie at the end of 2016 she had lost 14 kilos, and with this latest post, it looks as though she’s lost even more.

That awkward marshmellow pudgey tummy 'phase' ☺️ Three and a half months postpartum from pregnancy number 4 and this is the current state of my stomach! Believe me when I say I know how disheartened you can feel as you are going through the throws of post pregnancy body changes, but you must remember the important word in this post is PHASE! Mumma's just know that after you have birthed your baby your body goes through another enormous change to get back to its pre-pregnancy condition. Of course we need to help it along with exercise and a healthy diet, but I promise with persistence you WILL get there! The skin on my stomach is still very loose, I had considerable stomach separation which is still approximately at 3cm. I am still training 3 days a week and my diet is well I don't have one... just everything in moderation. The worst thing I find is when you look in the mirror one day and can see progress, then a couple of days later your hips decide to come in a bit further then you end up with more muffin top again! Argghhh So frustrating lol!! My point is it takes time. Be patient and consistent and you will get there. P.s this is as much of a pep talk for me as it is for you! BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES MUMMA'S your bodies are amazing at every single 'phase' of this baby making journey XOXO #postpartum #peptalk #pregnancy #number4 #exercise #postpartumexercise #persistence #babybump #abdominalseperation #keepgoing #beproud

Her latest Instagram post has been flooded with positive feedback from her followers, applauding her hardwork and beautiful body.

‘Just about to hit the gym and thought I’d take a few snaps to see how I’m going!’ Cass responded to the well wishes.