MKR Cowboy Robert's Top 5 Texan To-Dos

The popular MKR contestant knows a thing or two about the Lone Star State
MKR Cowboy Robert's Top 5 Texan To-Dos
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Thinking of heading to the US? Cowboy Robert from My Kitchen Rules says, ‘I would recommend you don’t go anywhere else but Texas, I have lived in the two best places in the world, Texas and Australia.’


Here are his top five must sees.


1. San Antonio hoops


If it’s during the basketball season I would head to San Antonio and I’d go to one of the San Antonio Spurs basketball games. My daughters [Lynzey and Mareesha] went down there, they didn’t know anything about basketball and they said it was the most fun they ever had in their life!


2. BBQ and music in Austin


The food is incredible everywhere you go in Texas, but if you like good music and food, Austin is a terrific place to go. You have to walk up [entertainment district] Sixth Street, it will just blow your mind. There’s also the statue of Texas’ greatest musician Stevie Ray Vaughan, plus another favourite, Willie Nelson plays on New Year’s Eve.


3. A cowboy’s dream


One of my favourite spots to visit in Texas is the Fort Worth Stockyards. Here, at Cowtown you can see rodeos, try the Cowtown cattlepen maze or visit the Stockyards Museum. It has a great family atmosphere!

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4. Friday night lights


In Dallas you have to go to the stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play. You can walk around that stadium, it’s so interesting, and you can get any kind of food you can imagine, and go on tours.


5. Mother nature


I miss the wildlife and there’s a lot of really beautiful things in Texas to look at. I like to head toFredricksburg in the hill country - it’s just absolutely beautiful. They’ve got these gigantic cedar trees, clear water and inner tube rides where you just go down the river, that’s just about as good a thing as you can do.


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